Organisational Review of the Atlas Alliance, SOS Children’s Villages Norway & Plan Norway

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This assignment was commissioned by Norad through its Framework Agreement for Organisational Reviews of Civil Society Organisations with FCG Sweden. FCG Sweden undertook to conduct organisational reviews of three organisations as an integral part of Norad's grant management process, and in connection with the assessment of new funding applications. The reviews were meant to serve an important control function and enable Norad to take an informed decision on support and identify important dialogue and follow-up issues. 

The organisations under review were; 1) The Atlas Alliance, 2) SOS Norway, and 3) Plan Norway (NNO)

All three organisations were being reviewed for the funding period 2016-2019 for different programmes, and with the objective to describe, analyse, and assess their:

  • Organisational structure and governance;
  • Financial management and auditing systems and the level of cost-efficiency maintained in each step of operations, including at the level of local partners, and;
  • The level of results achievement, including capacity for results management and contribution to civil society strengthening in targeted countries.

Field visits were carried out in Malawi, by the same consultant, for all three organisations. The interviews included implementation partners as well as programme beneficiaries. The team also visited NNO in Norway, Plan International headquarters in the UK, and conducted remote interviews with Plan Tanzania.

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