Organisational Review of Norges Idrettsforbund (Norwegian Confederation of Sports) & Right to Play

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As part of the Norad Civil Society Department’s management of grant agreements, organisational reviews are performed periodically, especially in connection with assessment of new applications from the organisations to Norad. Organisational reviews are a control measure with regard to financial management, cost efficiency and results management, as well as a tool to evaluate achievement of reported results.

For this assignment, Norad commissioned the evaluation of two organisations it supports with funding, i.e. the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) in Zambia and Right to Play in Jordan and Lebanon for the programme period 2016-2019. The objectives of the review were to describe, analyse, and assess the organisations in terms of i) organisational structure and governance, ii) cost efficiency and financial management, and iii) the level of results achievement, including results management and progress made. 

The reviews provided recommendations to ensure better planning and follow-up by Norad and by the grant recipients. The reviews formed part of the basis for Norad’s decisions regarding continuation or adjustments of future cooperation with the respective organisations.

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