Organisational Review of the Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel)

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This organisational review was commissioned as part of Norad's Civil Society Department's grant management process, in connection with the assessment of new applications. The Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel - NL) is a non-profit and independent member organization that works for the development of thriving local communities in Norway and internationally. For the period 2016-2019, Norad funding was directed to NV's work with local partners in Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The objectives of this review were to describe, analyse and assess:

  • NV in terms of its organisational structure and governance,
  • Financial management and auditing systems and the level of cost-efficiency maintained in each step of operations, including at the level of local partners, and,
  • The level of results achievement, including capacity for results management and contribution to civil society strengthening in targeted countries.

In line with the Abilities Framework that was used to guide the review, specific attention was also paid to the issue of partnership management and responsiveness. Data collection was conducted through a mixed-method approach involving desk review, interviews, a field visit to the country office and field activities in Tanzania, and spot checks. Two Tanzania partners were pre-selected for closer scrutiny: Rural Urban Development Initiative (RUDI) and Rice Council Tanzania (RCT).

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