Organisational Review of Tax Justice Network

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Norad’s Civil Society Department manages grants of close to NOK 3 billion per year from different schemes. The organisational reviews form an integral part of the Civil Society Department’s grant management process and are usually commissioned in connection with the assessment of new applications. The reviews serve an important control function and should enable Norad to make informed decisions on support and identify important dialogue and follow-up issues.

TJNA is a Pan-Africa Network of 31 organisations across 16 countries which include representations in all African regions. The organisation is registered as a limited liability firm in Kenya and as such must meet Kenyan requirements. TJNA has a secretariat which is based in Nairobi, but also has staff working remotely.

The objectives of this review were to describe, analyse and assess Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) in terms of its:

  • Organisational structure and governance,
  • Money flow and financial management,
  • Results management and civil society strengthening,
  • Partnerships and responsiveness.

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