Organizational review of Stichting BRAC International

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Norad requested a full organisational review of Stitching BRAC International. The review focuses on BRAC Uganda and Mandeleo Tanzania (BRACMT), covering the period 2017 to 2021. The Review Team looked at documentation of BRAC International, and then focused on the two country offices and their work. This review serves as an important control and quality assurance function and enabled Norad to take informed decisions on support and identify important dialogue and follow-up issues. The review provides recommendations to ensure better planning and follow-up by Norad and by the grant recipients.

    The objective of the organisational review is to describe, analyse and assess its capacity and systems in the following four main areas:

    • Organisational structure and Governance.
    • Cost efficiency and Financial management.
    • Results management and Contribution to strengthening civil society.
    • Partnerships and responsiveness.

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