Pacific Agriculture Policy Program: Consultancy to Draft New Fiji Livestock Strategy

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The Pacific Agriculture Policy Program aimed to strengthen national agriculture sector plans aimed at improving opportunities for small-holder farmers to improve agriculture and forestry production, productivity and marketing. To support the development of the Program within Fiji, FCG New Zealand developed a Fiji Livestock Sector Strategy and an associated costed 5 year Implementation Plan in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Livestock Strategy Working Group. A first of its kind for Fiji, this strategy had the aim to re-energise and modernise the local livestock industry so that it is better able to meet the needs of the next generation in terms of production and consumption while also providing sustainable livelihoods for local farmers. The overall aims of the strategy is to:

  • Sustainably grow, expand and diversify the livestock sector;
  • Promote innovation within the sector;
  • Foster close public-private collaboration amongst stakeholders;
  • Position the livestock sector so that it is able to meet the aspirations of the sector and the next generation in Fiji's changing agricultural landscape; and,
  • Maximise the economic return of the livestock sector in Fiji's economy.

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