Partner assessment of the Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA)

The Global Centre on Adaptation (GCA) is an international organization working as a solutions broker to accelerate, innovate and scale adaptation action for a climate-resilient world and future. It was established in 2018 to take on engagement activities initiated by the Global Commission on Adaptation and became a legal independent entity in October 2019. It is registered as a Dutch Foundation and is hosted by the Government of Netherlands, and has a global office in Rotterdam, regional offices in Africa, South Asia and Asia Pacific and has a knowledge and research hub based in Groningen.

GCA and Norad signed an agreement for 2020-2022 for up to NOK125 million to support the GCA Africa Program and the establishment of a regional office in the continent. GCA’s work program in Africa is focused around three main pillars to address the multiple challenges of resilience and adaptation: Programs and Action; Agenda Setting and Advocacy; and Knowledge Acceleration and Capacity Building.

The aim of this projet was to conduct an organisational review of GCA. The reviews form an integral part of Norad’s grant management process and are usually commissioned in connection with the assessment of new applications, as they serve an important control function and should enable Norad to take an informed decision on support and identify important dialogue and follow-up issues. This was however not carried out by Norad prior to signing the agreement. 

The objectives of the review was further to describe, analyse and assess GCA's:
• Thematic and geographical competence;
• Systems and routines for governance;
• Financial management and related issues such as audits and HR costs; and
• Selection and follow up of subgrantees/implementing partners.

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