Planning and Evaluation Expert to Evaluate the Samoa Agriculture Sector Plan (ASP) 2011-2015 and Formulation of a New ASP Framework (CC 15/551)

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The Agriculture Sector Plan 2011 – 2015, represented an innovative movement towards a better way of reinvigorating the sector. Implementation required a radical change from a sector-centric approach based on delivering projects often in isolation of other related sector activities towards a programme approach that would clearly define roles and responsibilities and result in an improvement in efficiencies of delivering services.

The overall objective of the assignment was to undertake a final evaluation of the ASP (2011-2015) and provide technical assistance and advice to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and the Agriculture Sector Steering Committee (ASSC) in formulating a new ASP for the next 5-year period. This objective was achieved by providing an independent evaluation of the implementation of the ASP in terms of its achievements measured against: the priority outcomes, strategies and activities of the Plan, including lessons learnt that will help inform the priorities, strategies and activities of the next Plan. The project also provided recommendations to MAF and the ASSC on future directions and priorities to be pursued in the formulation of a new ASP to drive growth in the sector and to increase its relative contribution to the national GDP

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