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Since 2009 the water sector is in a process of legal and institutional reform. The anticipated outcomes of the reform include among other things:
1. Dividing Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) into one unit responsible for ministerial functions and a Water Sector Regulatory Council (WSRC). The current West Bank Bulk Water Directorate will be transformed into a public company.
2. One of the new departments in the ministerial PWA will be for Capacity Development of Service Providers, responsible for policy and strategies for capacity development, institutional audits and TNA among others
3. Over 300 municipal water departments responsible for water supply will be horizontally integrated, including merging.

The anticipated approval mechanisms of the relevant sector reform activities include a number of submissions by PWA to the Cabinet of Ministers:
1. Water Law
2. PWA organizational structure, organizational development plan, job descriptions.
3. WSRC organizational structure, organizational plan, job descriptions
4. A number of regulations, including (1) Water Sector Regulatory Council (2) National Water Company (3) Regional Water Utilities (4) Water Users Associations (5) Licensing of Service Providers (6) Water Resources Drilling and Abstraction (7) Water Resources Protection (8) Planning and Design (9) Public Private Partnerships (10) Research and Studies Guidelines (11) Financial-Administrative Regulations for PWA and WSRC.

In addition to the permanent team of TPAT advisors, a need was identified to support with a local consultant on legal issues.

The objective of the assignment was to:
• Assist and provide capacity development services to teh PWA to develop, plan and implement the legal component of TPAT (GZ-Emergency Capacity Building Project to the Palestinian Water Authority: Technical, Planning and Advisory Team in the Water and Sanitation Sector).
• Assist TPAT experts to develop, plan and implement activities and outputs which require legal advice and inputs.

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