Programme for Agro-Business Induced Growth in the Amhara National Regional State (Agro-BIG)

Agro-BIG was an Agricultural Development programme which used the Value Chain Approach to develop smallholder agriculture. The overall objective of the Programme was to contribute to poverty reduction through agriculture based economic growth. The purpose was to establish efficient and profitable value chains of selected crops/products benefitting the involved actors.

The instruments used to implement Agro-BIG were captured in three vertical components.

Component 1 – Value Chain Development

  • This component brought actors together and established formal and informal linkages. Networking platforms were created to identify problems and solutions, and to develop action plans to increase profitability along the value chain.

Component 2 – Service Delivery Development

  • This component developed the service provision to the value chain actors to increase production, trading, processing, retailing and marketing.

Component 3 – Access to finance

  • This component enhanced saving and credit facilities to value chain actors, and made funds available for research and innovation.

Cross-cutting issues: gender, socio-economic issues and environmentally sustainable development and adaptation to climate change were addressed across the value chain development programme (which mainly focused on horticulture, including onions and potato).

The Programme targeted three groups of beneficiaries:

  • Poor farmer communities and households within the selected areas
  • Agricultural cooperatives and agro-processing companies
  • Public and private sector organizations benefitting from Programme's capacity building activities