Ranked Call-Off Sida Fwk Democracy&HR : Pilot Analysis Using Varieties of Democracies Database on Political Parties, V-Party Dataset

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Sida´s unit for Democracy and Human rights has requested support through the Framework for Democracy and Human Right, to assist the unit with assessments of political parties through the strategy on special democracy support through Swedish Party-affiliated organisations (PAOs).  

FCG Sweden has supported Sida with developing tools and methods for partner identification for the Swedish PAOs. The Consultants participated in a two-day virtual workshop held for the unit for Democracy and Human Rights at Sida and PAOs. The aim for the workshop was to train PAOs on the use of the V-Party Dataset, including the development of brief analysis based on the data outputs. The ssignment  lead to an opportunity of knowledge transfer, and enhance the PAOs to identify, inform and select partner PAOs in ODA-eligible partner countries.

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