Review of Scandinavian Consortium Technical Assistance to Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Mozambican National Statistical System (2008-2017)

With the aim of strengthening Mozambique’s ability to fight poverty more effectively, the Scandinavian countries have supported the building of Mozambique’s statistical capacity with a focus on the National Institute of Statistics (INE) for a number of years. In 2003, Scandinavian Assistance to Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the National Statistical Institute (INE) to support the 5-year plan (2003-2007) was initiated. In 2007 a new five-year strategic plan covering 2008-2012 was put in place at which time the consortium SCANSTAT was formed to provide technical assistance to the Mozambique National Statistical System

The project aim has been to strengthen the National Statistical System (SEN) through the support to The National Statistical Institute (INE) to enable INE and its partners in SEN to efficiently generate reliable, relevant and timely statistical information to support the planning, management, monitoring and documentation of Mozambique’s economic and social development. The main instrument applied has been the provision of long- and short-term technical assistance, formal and in-house training and support the surveys and operational activities, assistance in the preparation of key statistical series, urgently required for social and economic planning, management and monitoring.

As the current agreement period is coming to an end, INE and the Embassy of Sweden in Maputo agreed to carry out a review of achieved results, lessons learned and assess possible needs and models for future cooperation in relation to institutional capacity building and technical assistance.

Overall objectives of the Review:

  1. To analyse the results of the SCANSTAT technical assistance in terms of quality of statistics produced, methodological improvements and institutional development.
  2. Identify and propose content and modalities for future support to institutional capacity building and technical assistance to the SEN, with special focus on support to INE.

A mixed-methods approach was employed by performing the following activities: document review; analysis of quality statistical data and its presentation; field visits to three provincial delegations and; semi structured and open informant interviews. The findings indicate that Scanstat TA has contributed to the significant quality improvements of INE. Additionally, it is evident that the TA has been well aligned with INE strategy and also relevant in the context of Mozambique. The review also identified that there is still considerable room for improvement and presented a set of twelwe recommendations including how to further advance the capacity within INE and improving products and services of INE hereunder relationships and network building and identifying how to strengthen the institution’s work on a longer-term basis.

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