Review of the support programme for the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Malawi

A Review Mission was undertaken as the second joint initiative between Anti-Corruption Bureau (ABC) and its three major donors NORAD, Sida and DFID. The support programme has encompassed revisions to the Corrupt Practices Act; development of the ACB Prosecutions and Investigations capability; development of corruption prevention, intelligence and research capabilities; future Development of the ACB IT strategy; development of a joint donor support programme on anti-corruption for Malawi period 2003-2005; the Good Governance and Corruption strategy (World Bank funded) and the proposed National Plan of Action to Combat Corruption; and ACB policy and practice in regard to Rights, Pro-poor and Gender approaches to anti-corruption. The mission was tasked to focus on:

  1. The progress against the Outputs agreed in the DFID funded ACB project and monitor progress of other donor-supported activities during 2002
  2. Actions taken on recommendations made in the November 2001 Annual Review report.

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