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The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) is one of the think tanks receiving support from Sweden under the Sub-Sharan Africa Regional strategy, specifically under objective area four – human security and freedom from violence. The current core support to the ISS aims to contribute towards the capacity building of regional and continental actors working on peace and security. The support contributes to the ISS’ implementation of its 2017 – 2020 Strategy, with SEK 48 million. Cost extention of 1 year has been processed, with SEK 12 million allocation. The objectives and expected results of the Core activities, which are in alliance with Sida’s strategy includes:

•                  Enhanced accountability, transparency and respect for human rights in African democracies;

•                  Strengthened conflict prevention and conflict reduction capacities in Africa;

•                  Enhanced capacity of peace operations, peacebuilding and maritime safety on the continent;

•                  Strengthened capacities of African inter-governmental organizations, governments and civil society to respond effectively and appropriately to transnational threats and international crimes.


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