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The organizational reviews of IPAM and Imazon in Brazil are part of Norad’s management of cooperation agreements, where Norad periodically performs organisational reviews. The two organizations are:
• The Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), which has been a Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) partner since the civil society portfolio was established in 2009. IPAM has currently started its fourth funding cycle. IPAM was founded in 1995, and describes its mission as to promote science, education, and innovation for an environmentally sound, economically prosperous, and socially just Amazon. 
• Imazon has been a NICFI partner since 2016, and has recently started its second funding cycle. Imazon is a Brazilian research institution focusing on promoting conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon. The monitoring technologies and data produced by Imazon, including the Deforestation Bulletin, are widely used by other organizations and institutions globally. Imazon was founded in 1990, and has its headquarters in Belém, Pará.
Both organizations have had their funding from Norway renewed by mid-2021 as part of Norway’s support to civil society fighting to save the rain forest. The overall 5-years allocation for 39 CSOs amounts to NOK 1.835 billion (approx. USD 215 million by July 2021). Imazon is funded under the NICFI priority area 3: Reduced forest crime and improved forest monitoring; and IPAM is funded under priority area 4: Mobilising ambition and support for forest friendly policies.

The reviews were originally planned for early 2020, but the process was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and put on hold for almost two years. The reviews are now scheduled to take place in the period of January to April 2022 and will be conducted in parallel, albeit slightly staggered.
The present proposal is based on the assumption that we will undertake full organizational reviews. Should any further services be requested, the present proposal will need to be adjusted.

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