Spot checks of the integration of a conflict perspective/conflic sensitivity

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Swedish Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) engaged in international development cooperation that have qualified for support from Sida through multiannual agreements from the appropriation item “Support via Swedish Civil Society Organisations” are so called Framework Organisations (FO). It is the responsibility of each FO to assess, follow-up and evaluate its projects and programmes. Sida’s role as a donor is also to follow-up in order to ensure that Sida funds are used efficiently and for their intended purposes. There are four thematic perspectives that shall be prioritised throughout Sida’s organisation and operations. One of these perspectives is an integrated conflict perspective.

The objectives of the spot-checks were:
-to contribute to Sida’s understanding regarding to what extent the organisations integrate the conflict perspective or conflict sensitivity in their work, including both normative and operational aspects at the headquarters and at the field level; and
-to contribute to learning within these FOs and their local partner organisations, in developing countries, as to how conflict sensitivity can be better integrated in their projects and programs.

The four FOs included in the spot-checks were the Church of Sweden, We Effect, World Wildlife Fund Sweden and Union to Union. The main focus of the spot-check was on the institutional capacity and processes to ensure the conflict sensitivity of each organisation along the contract chain from the FOs to the local partner organisations. The assessment took the FOs as point of departure and examined the extent to which they enable their partners and sub-contractors to take a conflict-sensitive approach in their programmes. The sub-contracting partners and local partners were not assessed in their entirety, but solely in relation to the selected countries and projects. In addition, specific projects were used as study material for learning about the conflict sensitivity capacities and processes of the reviewed partners. The projects helped to illuminate if and how design, planning, implementation, monitoring and learning were managed at the field level by the local partners to mitigate risks contributing to an escalation of underlying tensions, and where appropriate to promote opportunities for peace.

Field visits and interviews were carried out in Guatemala, Cambodia and Myanmar. In addition, desk reviews for projects in the DRC for one the FO.

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