Sri Lanka Initiative in Dairy Excellence Training (Design and Implementation)

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The goal of the project was to support the strengthening of the dairy sector in Sri Lanka, under the framework of the Dairy Cooperation Arrangement signed in 2013 between New Zealand and Sri Lanka governments. The project aimed to support the Sri Lanka Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs’ Department of Animal Production and Health to transform and strengthen its capability to deliver dairy development extension services, enabling it to improve the productivity of its smallholder dairy farming clients.

The expected outcomes were: (i) improved quality and increased supply of local milk; and (ii) improved standard of living for dairy smallholders due to increased milk production by improved quality and increased supply of local milk.

The project outputs have been: (i) identification of key performance indicators and technologies for smallholder dairy farmers; (ii) development of training and coaching program for dairy extensionists to improve  farm economics, reproduction, feeding, safe milk handling, and train senior trainers; (iii) development and maintenance of the extensionists’ ICT platform;  (iv) piloting extensionists’ delivery to farmer groups.

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