Strengthen the ability of Turkish civil society organizations to describe, follow-up and achieve results

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The purpose of the assignment was to strengthen the ability of the Turkish civil society organizations Kaos GL and Black Pink Triangle (BPT) to describe, follow-up and achieve results and to include in their project proposal to Sida a results framework of acceptable quality.

ORGUT was to assist the CSO’s Kaos GL and BPT in order to enhance their ability to formulate, follow-up and achieve results in relation to a project proposal. Specifically, based on the assessment by Sida of the above-mentioned project proposal, ORGUT was requested to contribute with suggestions to Kaos GL and PBT for their own development of realistic and clear objectives that could be monitored for the proposed project at all levels of results. The development of realistic and clear objectives was of importance to the entire project proposal, but of particular importance with respect to any institutional capacity (rather than individual capacity) the project intended to build. It was therefore important to ensure a broad participation among the staff of the two CSOs in the assignment.

ORGUT contributed with ideas about how to identify indicators and baseline data (which would serve as a starting point for monitoring the implementation of the proposed project and for reporting on its progress), supported KAOS GL to establish a monitoring routine and contributed with ideas about how Kaos GL and BPT monitoring and evaluation capacity could be enhanced.

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