Strengthening Community Policing in Albania, 2nd Phase, 2017-2022

The second phase of the Community Policing program is a follow-up of the first successful phase implemented by SIPU International. The goal is to build mutual trust and partnership between police and communities in order to create safe neighbourhoods.

The project provides assistance in three inter-related pillars:

Pillar I.  Support to Target Regional Police Directorates (TRPD), Kukes and Elbasan

1) Analyse  needs in the TRPDs in order to develop a targeted approach for support;

2) Provide focused training interventions and expert mentoring support to develop procedures and soft and operational skills, management and administration skills, and relevant cross-cutting themes;

3) Provide material support to the TPRDs by reinforcing MoI/ASP efforts to improve infrastructure;

4) Enhance the police accountability through establishment/enhancement of community groups who can engage with the police at TRPD or/and Commissariat level to feed into priorities and hold police accountable for their performance;

5) Provide funds for disseminating and replicating successful approaches to other RPDs;

6) Mentor and advise the local police to partner with local communities in a responsive and immediate fashion; to support the strengthening of the vertical linkage between ASP HQ and TRPDs; and to replicate community policing concepts and models elaborated in the TRPDs.

Pillar II. Strategic Management support

1) Monitoring& Evaluation. To develop capacity at central, regional and local level to collect, analyse and use data to inform management, strategic and local decisions, identify results, learn lessons and communicate achievements. 

2) Communication. To improve TRPDs internal and external communication and enhance the information flow between the TRPDs and central HQ to enable a more decentralised approach.

3) Coordination. To support coordination with community actors at local level, while at the HQ support coordination of strategies and action plans.

Pillar IIIDomestic Violence

Responding to the variety of needs regarding domestic violence and develop activities addressing preventative and responsive needs. This will be achieved by a combination of grants (see below) and specific support within the TRPDs aiming at workable approaches and processes which will be replicated to other parts of Albania.

The programme includes a Grant  Scheme for CSOs of 4.95 million SEK (approx. 500 000 €). The grants are used to finance projects of CSOs promoting the cooperation of civil society and the police with respect to community policing and underpins the three program pillars. The scheme involves multi-stakeholder selection committees with fair and transparent selection processes and focus on minority groups and gender issues. FCG manages the call for proposal, the follow up of projects as well as the fund itself. 

The grant process involved the following steps:

  • awareness campaigns to make the scheme publicly known
  • setting up and training of selection committees in the targeted district
  • selection and improvement of the project proposals, including mentoring, training and contracting
  • close monitoring and support throughout the implementation phase
  • narrative and financial reporting
  • final payment done after approved reporting.



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