Study of synergies between development and humanitarian assistance in Ukraine

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The overall goal of Swedish support to Ukraine is to strengthen its links with the European Union. Sida, through the Embassy in Kyiv, has provided both humanitarian and development support to affected people in the Ukraine for a number of years. With the ambition to improve outcomes, a study of synergies between development and humanitarian assistance in the Ukraine has been commissioned within the Sida Framework Agreement for Evaluation. The study has a particular focus on employment needs and skills gaps of IDPs and women’s empowerment and active role in the peace process.

The study will be complemented with support for the implementation of programming adjustments in line with the recommendations developed.The study analyses the development and humanitarian assistance portfolio so as to assess how synergies between development and humanitarian assistance can be improved. This is not a traditional evaluation and the OECD DAC criteria for evaluations (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact), while applicable to some of the discussions, will not constitute the structure of the work.

The study includes a contextual mapping, a portfolio analysis, a mapping of existing internal work processes, a mapping of employment programming in the Ukraine and an assessment of opportunities for women's political participation. The study team will support the implementation of the recommendations from the study.

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