Support to the African Union Advisory Board On Corruption

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The African Union Advisory Board on Corruption was established in 2009 and a Secretariat has been established to provide support to the Board Members. In the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan of The African Union Advisory Board on Corruption four key areas are expressed:

  • Support to the implementation of the AU Convention against Corruption
  • Awareness raising on the Convention and Visibility of the Board
  • Building partnerships with stakeholders for an improved coordination and efficiency of anti-corruption initiatives
  • Organizational efficiency of the Board on Monitoring & Evaluation following the results and impacts of the fight against corruption on the Continent.

In this assignment, SIPU supported the African Union Board on Corruption and its Secretariat to develop a program support based on the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan and based on the request for financial support for program activities. The assignment involved suggestions on how to prioritize and sequence the activities and plan for a realistic implementation of the strategy.