Support to the General Budget Support (PAP) Secretariat in Mozambique

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Between 2014 and 2015 SIPU provided support to the Secretariat of the Programme Aid Partnership (PAP) during the Swedish presidency. The Programme Aid Partnership joined together all donors and financial agencies providing programme aid and General Budget Support (GBS) to Mozambique. The Secretariat was a support function to the Partnership.

SIPU's support to the Secretariat consisted of three long-term Advisors - one international Public Finance Management and Aid Effeciveness expert and two locally employed consultants, as well as a pool of short -term consultants in PFM and aid effectiveness. 

SIPU supported the Embassy of Sweden in its Presidency to coordinate all activities relating to General Budget Support/ Programme aid and to institutionalise some of the routines and functions in place. The project involved extensive communication and public relations including stakeholder facilitation and collaboration with state and non-state actors. 

Technical and administrative support was provided in aid coordination and aid effectiveness, results-based management, performance assessment frameworks and support to the reform of General Budget Support in Mozambique.

SIPU also provided short term technical expertise for a study into experiences and good practice in aid coordination and advisory services for the development of improved Monitoring & Evaluation systems in key Ministries. This work included providing advice on the development of indicators for the National Development Strategy, the collection and verification of data and the presentation of results. 

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