Supporting value chains for shared prosperity - Agri-connect Programme

The overall objective of the Programme "Agri-connect: Supporting value chains for shared prosperity" is to contribute to inclusive economic growth, promote private sector development and job creation in the agricultural sector and to increase food and nutrition security in Tanzania, by promoting the productivity, commercialization and competitiveness of the tea, coffee and horticulture sectors.

To achieve broad-based, lasting change, Agri-connect targets actors throughout the targeted value, although the primary target groups are smallholder farming households, and in particular, youth and women. Beneficiaries/partners include:

  • Agriculture public organisations at national and local level (government agencies, standards/certification bodies/health authorities, etc.)
  • Private sector operators: smallholder farmers, cooperatives, processors, aggregators, input suppliers, traders, exporters, etc.
  • Within the nutrition specific activities, households with a specific focus on Pregnant and Lactating Women and Malnourished children.
  • Consumers

The objectives will be obtained through achievement of the following results particularly targeting youth and women as key actors in value chains and entrepreneurship development.

Result 0 looks at the overall programme coordination, monitoring and reporting.

Result 1 focuses on sector enablers and business environment for the three value chains. It will benefit primarily sector institutional partners (the Ministry of Agriculture in mainland and the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural resources, Livestock and Fisheries in Zanzibar and other relevant institutions).

Result 2 targets private sector value chain actors and smallholder farmers.

Result 2.1 supports private sector to expand investments in agriculture through increased availability of financial products and services to small and medium enterprises operating within the target value chains. This is implemented by a blending mechanism which is expected to leverage additional private resources from an eligible Financial Institution.

Result 2.2 supports small scale farmers in selected regions to increase their production and meet market demands; smallholder initiatives focus on increasing farmers’ productivity, resource efficiency, diversity and profitability through targeted actions for capacity development (Good Agricultural Practices in nutrition-sensitive and Climate Smart Agriculture, green technologies), market linkages, and farmers’ aggregation. This is implemented by action grants projects resulting from a call for proposals organised into lots per commodity with NGOs, CSOs and Local Authorities as main applicants.

Result 3 addresses transport bottlenecks. It ensures the improvement of rural roads in selected Districts within the targeted geographic areas in order to improve market access for tea, coffee and horticulture products. In addition, it engages in a problem-solving oriented policy dialogue with the Government of Tanzania around the financing and implementation of rural roads maintenance, development and climate proofing. This component is implemented through Sectoral Budget Support to the Ministry of Transport.

Result 4 focuses on tackling malnutrition through a national awareness raising campaign aimed and behavioural changes for better nutritional outcomes. A national communication strategy and campaign to foster behavioural change for improved nutrition in mainland and in Zanzibar is conducted. Such efforts are complemented by mainstreaming nutrition in other components of Agri-connect.

In addition specialised services are provided on Communication and Visibility for the entire Agri-connect programme. 

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