Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program in Karnataka – Tranche 2 (Loan)


In Karnataka Sustainable Coastal Protection and Management Investment Program started in 2012. Tranche 1 of the program was scheduled to end in 2016. Tranche 2 Karnataka, the second and final phase of the project, was scheduled to start in 2016 and end in 2020. The objectives of the project are (i) assessing the impacts of climate change on the coast of India; (ii) preparing guidelines for adapting measures to ensure climate resilience in coastal protection and coastal infrastructure; (iii) providing specific recommendations for climate change adaptation for shoreline planning and design of subprojects; and (iv) providing training to coastal states including training of trainers in the adaptation guidelines. The project will have two key outputs: (i) coastal erosion and instability reduced; and (ii) capacity for integrated shoreline planning and development enhanced.

The program also supports initiatives to increase the participation of the communities in coastal protection and management. Tranche 2 supports nine subprojects consisting of six coastal protection subprojects designed to address the issues of medium to severe coastal erosion and three community subprojects for areas of low erosion resulting in the protection of approximately 54 km of coastline in Karnataka. The project is financed by an ADB Loan.