TA-9198 INO: Sewerage System Development Project - TA Consultants

Sewerage System Development Project aims to increase the capacity for wastewater and sludge management in the cities of Banda Aceh, Mataram and Bekasi and establish a sound system for sanitation service delivery, while also enhancing public awareness. The project is prepared in two phases: The Cities Development Initiative for Asia financed assignment focuses on the technical elements including wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks, while this ADB Technical Assistance was in charge of designing the components related to service delivery mechanisms, public awareness campaigns and social marketing strategies, as well as conducting the due diligence and other documents required to complete the project preparation. The Sewerage System Development Project (SSDP) aims to ensure safe disposal of wastewater by 100% of the population in the three target by (i) expanding centralized sewer systems and rehabilitation of wastewater treatment facilities; (ii) facilitating regulated sludge collection, treatment and disposal systems of on-site systems; and (iii) enhancing sanitation behaviour This TA was composed of Outputs 2 and 3 of SSDP that has three principal outputs:

  • Wastewater and sludge management capacity increased
  • ┬áService delivery system in place
  • Public awareness campaigns completed

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