TA for the civil society fund III

Civil Society
Start date
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Overall objective:

The overall objective of the project is as follows: to increase participation of citizens and CSOs in the development and democratisation process of the country.


· Strengthening citizens' voice for policy dialogue

· Reinforcing citizens' role in the monitoring of national policies

· Strengthening the sustainability and contribution of CSOs, including those working on gender equality and women's empowerment and of women's groups to the development and democratisation process.

Results to be achieved by the project:

Result 1

· Mechanism for a structured policy dialogue between CSOs and state bodies at Federal and Regional levels is set-up and operated

· Skills created for CSOs to significantly influence public policy nationally

· Citizens' voices in sustainable development policies are promoted

Result 2

· Increased and active participation of CSOs in public policy processes, including the monitoring of implementation of national policies

· Strengthened capacity of CSOs to monitor national policies and to share knowledge and experience with their counterparts and the EU

Result 3

· Increased operational and management capacities of CSOs with a particular emphasis on CSO located in emerging regions

· Improved financial sustainability of CSOs through increased access to alternative funding and opportunities

· CSOs efforts to develop joint initiatives, build platforms and coalitions are supported and promoted



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