Technical Assistance And Training In Support Of Implementation Of The Modernization Of Real Property Registry And Cadaster (MRPRC) Project.

The Government of Uzbekistan undertook efforts to modernize its real property registration and cadastre system in order to realize the economic and social benefits of up-to-date accessible information for future development. The eGovernment Master Plan initiative,of which the registry and cadastre was a central part, was one of the Government’s priorities for improving the investment climate in Uzbekistan. In fact, the Real Property Registry and Cadastre was recognized as one of the country’s six key e-registries (together with the National Geographical Information System and the Census, Legal Entity, Vehicle and Address Registries). Its purpose was to further promote the adoption of advanced ICT technology, accelerate the development of information resources, systems and networks, as well as to expand the range of online public services provided to businesses and citizens. The success of the Uzbek transition to a uniform digital environment required significant efforts to deal with data renovation and updating, building the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure in GKZGDK’s central and field offices, and targeted human resource development programs to upgrade the skills of staff to manage implementation of the MRPRCP and to operate effectively in the new environment.

The overall objective of this assignment was therefor to deliver a comprehensive project support and capacity building program in support of the first two years of implementation of the MRPRC project. The core elements of the program were: (i) provision of continuous, on the ground technical assistance to support GKZGDK in the implementation of the MRPRC project components including support for the development of the Real PropertyRegistration and Cadaster System, digitalization and use of the data; and (ii) institutional development, including targeted training and knowledge transfer for the benefit of both institutional and private sector stakeholders. The TA project focused on building the in-country ICT capacity, both in the public and private sector, to help developing a modern, computerized land administration and management systems. Intensive capacity building and technical assistance were provided to ensure that the development and maintenance of the systems is effectively operational, efficient and responded to the country's needs. 

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