Technical Assistance for the Civil Society Dialogue between EU and Turkey-III

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The overall objective of the project was "increasing the level of understanding of the benefits & contributions of Turkish EU membership in Turkey and in the EU". 

The specific purpose of the project was:

  • to provide technical assistance to the MEU for the implementation of two grant schemes  (Political Criteria and Media) in an effective and timely manner
  • to design and implement media trainings in order to establish a better communication on EU related issues and to improve media-civil society relations

Under Political Criteria Grant Scheme associations and foundations that targeted sustainable networks between the Turkish CSO and their European counterparts on political criteria established, encouraging further dialogue and contributing to better exchange of information and know-how and to reducing misperceptions and concerns  both in Turkey and in the EU Member States concerning political criteria issues were supported.

Under Media Grant Scheme projects initiated by CSO and media organisations targeting enhanced networking, peer learning, joint actions amongst Turkish and EU CSOs and shared good practices and the promotion of innovative initiatives and media productions have been supported.

Results achieved were: 

R1: Assistance to the MEU for the implementation of two grant schemes

  • Grant beneficiaries’ capacities were increased for project management and EU visibility
  • MEU expertise on grant management wasvstrengthened
  • Awareness of CSD and the Project was increased in Turkey and EU

R2: Design and implementation of media trainings 

  • Media sector was strengthened in its role on EU, communicating EU issues, and in relations with CSOs and public sector

In addition to the above, the technical assistance contract foresaw development and implementation of a communication strategy for increasing the visibility of the technical assistance contract, the individual grant projects, the objectives of the grant schemes and the MEU contributions to civil society development and civil society dialogue between EU-Turkey. 

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