Technical Assistance for Civil Society Facility - Sivil Düşün-II Turkey

Start date
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The overall objective of the project was to improve the environment for active citizenship and to strengthen the capacity of organised active citizens.
The purposes of this contract were:

Purpose 1. to support civil society networking and advocacy in Turkey

Purpose 2: to support the EUD to Turkey in raising awareness of CSOs about the EU support to Civil Society through the Civil Society Facility (Sivil Düşün II) and ensure the visibility of its different components.

The TAT supported the EU Delegation to Turkey in raising awareness of CSOs about the EU support to Civil Society and will ensure the visibility of the different components of Sivil Düşün II. It also supported the increase in advocacy and networking capacity of active citizens, CSOs and networks to allow for a broader participation of active citizens in activities in Turkey as well as in the EU and of activities from the EU in Civil Society events in Turkey.

Results :

  • Increased support for networking of CSOs, as well as for interaction and mutual understanding between CSOs and public institutions.
  • Increased CSOs capacities to advocate and obtain legislation leading to broader, more transparent, more equitable private and public financial support to CSOs as well as to monitor the effective application of relevant legislation.
  • Increased organisational and funding raising capacities of CSOs.
  • Increased awareness and visibility of organised citizens and CSOs activities to promote the development of Civil Society.
  • Increased exchanges between civil society activities in Turkey and between Turkey, the EU, IPA and ENPI countries.
  • Adequate visibility in media and society of the EU support to Civil Society through the CSF-national window and of its different components. 

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