Technical Assistance for Equitable Access to Quality Water, Basic Sanitation and Enhanced Water Resources Management in Rural Kenya

The overarching objective of the programme is to reduce social and spatial inequalities in access to water in the rural areas of Kenya. It aims to achieve this objective through five tentative outcomes:

  • Enhanced capacity of counties to provide guidelines and channel more resources towards the underserved communities for integrated water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives.
  • Equitable access to water in catchment areas of focus through support to Water Resource Management (WRM) initiatives with the aim of protecting fast-receding water resources and ensuring access and equity in water distribution thereby reducing water related conflicts and environmental degradation.
  • Improved rural safe water coverage in target counties through support to integrated community water supply, sanitation and hygiene projects with the aim of ensuring equitable access to water and sanitation for targeted, vulnerable and underserved communities.
  • Improved rural sanitation coverage in target locations by equipping the counties with knowledge about hygiene with the aim of improving health and hygiene. Gender conscious and sustainable sanitation facilities will be developed in community centres.
  • Enhanced institutional capacity of WSTF by developing a robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework and information system, review of operating mechanisms and provision of Technical Assistance (TA). The implementing partners will receive capacity building and TA support where necessary to enhance the efficiency, accountability and sustainability of the Programme.

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