Technical Assistance for Promoting Gender Equality in Education – Relaunch

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The project purpose was to promote gender equality for girls and boys in schools and equality and gender sensitive approach throughout the education system.

The results of the project were the following:

  • Developing a Gender Equality Assurance Tool for Schools (GEATS) which is a guideline and an assessment tool for teaching and non-teaching staff at schools and the necessary capacity for implementation;
  • Improving the capacity of Ministry of National Education (MoNE) to promote equality and gender sensitive approach throughout the education system; capacity building tackles the individual, organisational and institutional level;
    • Terms of References (ToRs) have been drafted for three main assignments to start soon for developing the training programmes namely:
    • developing gender sensitive assessment tools and reviewing curricula and course books,
    • developing “Gender Equality Certification Programme” and ToT Package
    • developing “Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training Program” for female teachers.
    • In addition to these training packages under Result 3, two more complementary tools have been offered in the technical proposal to be used for Certificate Programme participants; “Awareness Raising Tool Kit” and “School-based Gender Equality Campaign Guide”. The ToR prepared for “Gender Equality Certification Programme” also covers development of these two materials.
  • Awareness raising of students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff on gender equality in education through a media campaign and local actions. A rights-based approach is the basis for the undertaking, specifically fostering gender equality.  

Technical and Communication Advisory Board has been established and was givint the guidance on technical and communication issues and strategic policy advice regarding the execution of the project in cooperation with MoNE. The board composed of prominent academics of Turkey, NGOs active in the field of gender equality and media representatives, took on the task of providing “added-value” to the implementation of the project.

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