Training on results based management for Turkish civil society partners

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The purpose of this project was to foster a common understanding of the Result Based Management (RBM) approach amongst the Swedish Embassy in Ankara and existing and potential Turkish civil society cooperation partners. It took place as part of a wider focus on maximizing positive results by strengthening learning and faciliate collaboration between the Embassy and CSOs in accordance with this approach.  

The training focused on achieving the following results:

  1. Partner capacity to elaborate and state explicitly a theory of change including the identification of key assumptions and risks has increased;
  2. Partner capacity to design and follow a monitoring and evaluation model adapted to their organisation, including identification of indicators and baselines, data collection and analysis, results communication and reporting; has increased;
  3. Partners have a better understanding of the standard agreements with CSOs as a tool for holding each other accountable and follow agreed conditions in relation to the Swedish financial contribution and
  4. Partners and Sida dialogue on progress, challenges and opportunities for adaption of projects is perceived to have improved by both parties.

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