Value Chain Specialist to UNNATI

UNNATI - Inclusive Growth Programme in Nepal is conducted at national level, but with focus on seven districts in the Eastern Development Region (EDR). The programme focuses on support to the private sector, and to local government through the Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR) and the District Development Committees (DDCs) in the programme districts. The budget for the programme is approximately USD 70 million for the five-year period. The overall objective is promotion of sustainable inclusive growth that reduces poverty and raises living standards. UNNATI builds on three pillars: the Value Chain Component; the Infrastructure Component and the Enabling Environment Component. The three components are interlinked, with the Value Chain Component as the core of the programme. ORGUT is contracted by Danida as the Management Contractor (MC) and provides the technical assistance to one sub-component of the Value Chain Component (1.1 Selected Value Chains) and to the entire Infrastructure Component (Component 2).

For the operations to align with the objectives, a Value Chain Fund Operational Manual was regarded as essential as a mean throughout the project’s inception, implementation and monitoring phase. Also, a first and a five year Value Chain Development Plan needed to be developed.

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