Water Resources Option Study for Karachi

The World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the Government of Pakistan are preparing Karachi Water and Sewerage Services Improvement Project (KWSSIP), an investment of up to $1,600 million1 to ameliorate the water and sewerages services in the currently severely underserved city. The Project will concentrate on improving water and wastewater service delivery; building technical and managerial capacity; upgrading infrastructure; enhancing level of service; and expanding the services to the residents of Karachi. The Project components are (i) supporting reforms within KWSB, (ii) securing sustainable water supply and sanitation and (iii) project management and technical studies.

This water resources option study was a key part of the project preparation, providing an understanding of the available water resources and demand as well as the opportunities for private sector participation. The study provided the Karachi Water and Sanitation Board (KWSB) with strategic guidance by comparing different approaches to augmenting water supply provision with different demand and supply projections. It outlined the current enabling
environment for private sector participation and proposed improvements to the legal and regulatory frameworks that can make the water sector more attractive for private sector investment and involvement in service delivery.


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