FCG toimii vastuullisesti ja eettisesti


We are committed to promoting responsibility and sustainable development in our operations. Our mission, Working for Wellbeing, guarantees this.

Responsibility means for us practical action

Responsibility means for us practical action – taking responsibility for the environmental impacts of our operations, offering sustainable solutions to our customers, taking care of our employees’ wellbeing and ensuring the transparency of our operation.

Our strategic goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and offer responsible solutions that are measured in various ways. The principles of sustainable development and the circular economy are integral parts of our operation, covering each project’s lifespan from goal setting to practical implementation.

Responsibility is present in our customer projects

Responsibility is widely present in our customer projects

We promote responsibility in international development consulting customer projects in line with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. We are also active in networks that promote sustainability and accountability. 

Responsibility is a key element both in our projects and in our internal operations. Our vision is to be the most responsible and largest Finnish-owned consulting company, and a highly attractive development partner. We support our customers in meeting their own sustainability and environmental goals in Finland and abroad. 

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