The prerequisites for a good life and sustainable everyday are created when communities are planned and built. When resources are preserved throughout the economic lifecycle, less natural resources are consumed and less waste is produced. At the same time new prosperity and growth is generated. Sustainable planning enables operating in accordance with the principles of circular economy.

Circular economy is anchored on long term planning and adaptation of sustainable solutions  

A third of the greenhouse gases produced in Finland are generated from construction activity and buildings. Carbon neutrality is a part of circular economy and an important starting point in all phases of the building lifecycle: planning, building, repairing, demolition and material recycling.  

Sustainability is increased by means such as conversion flexibility, i.e. buildings that can be adapted according to varying needs. 

Community planning supports low-carbon solutions when the conditions in an area allow for sustainable construction and lifestyles. Sustainability is an important criterion in building planning, with an emphasis on long term planning.  

In infrastructure construction, different kinds of excavated ground, natural stone and recycled materials can be used for landscaping, for example as a building material for artificial terrains and noise barriers. The exploration of new solutions, material recycling and the use of recycled materials  are commonplace in all our design activities.  

Making circular economy a reality! 

We help municipalities, entrepreneurs and companies to promote the circular economy, from strategic planning to the practical implementation of projects, always listening to our customers’ needs.  

We bring the principles of the circular economy to existing processes in an agile manner and in an economically feasible way. 

The principles of the circular economy are interlinked with our multidisciplinary expertise at different stages of urban planning. We design sustainable communities and regions, provide resource-efficient, durable and flexible solutions, and we are active in cooperation and partnership networks. 

Our circular economy services include 

  • Strategic circular economy consulting 
  • Operator analyses, impact assessments and forecasting 
  • New areas: community planning and control mechanisms
  • Old and developing areas: profiling and brainstorming 
  • Circular economy roadmaps and digital concepts 
  • Circular economy training 
  • Resource-smart, sustainable solutions and services for construction 

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