How to turn carbon neutrality related goals into reality instead of fantasy? Do you need concrete design solutions to help curb and adapt to climate change? Are you looking for a responsible, knowledgeable partner to provide comprehensive solutions to support your future goals? With us, you’ll have access to extensive networks and cross-sectoral services from climate impact assessments and strategic planning to implementation.

Creating a more sustainable future 

The mode of energy production has a massive impact on curbing climate change.  

Investments made today can influence far into the future. The solutions should therefore be as low-emission, energy efficient and innovative as possible.  

We are specialised in renewable forms of energy production and our services include wind power related project development and other energy consulting from statements to design. 

To achieve the climate goals, we offer intelligent services that are strongly linked to practical solutions. This is enabled by close cooperation and activities in a variety of networks, in both the public and private sectors. 

Carbon-neutral solutions as a starting point for land use planning 

Carbon-neutral communities require a holistic approach to land use, which involves the integration of new regions into an already existing urban structure, efficiency of construction, support for sustainable transportation and natural ecosystems.  
We estimate the climate impacts of municipal and urban land use solutions and carbon balances, from the regional planning level to the local plan. We use the AveClimate geospatial data tool in calculations.  

We have been involved in developing the KEKO ecolabel for planning, which makes it possible to get a clear view of the environmental impacts caused by the construction and operation phase of communities, illustrate the effects of design choices, and draw comparisons between various eco-efficient choices.   

Circular economy as means of reducing the carbon footprint of construction   

Demolish, renovate or build anew? Land use planning, the choice of materials and energy-efficient construction solutions play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint of municipalities and towns and cities.  

We help our customers make environmentally wise and sustainable choices, for example, by assessing the environmental impacts of building and construction materials in the lifecycle by using modern modelling and calculation methods. We also develop new design, indoor air, and repair solutions for long-term and efficient use of both new and ageing building stock.  

Alongside climate goals, we consider it important to design a living environment that makes places more pleasant and communal while supporting biodiversity. An ecological conscience is essential to ensuring a good standard of everyday life, which, when properly harnessed, will make cities, towns, municipalities, and indeed the whole of Finland more competitive and attractive. 

Climate change demands preparedness and adaptation 

Global warming causes extreme weather conditions such as torrential rain, storms and floods. We help our customers to prepare for the impact of climate change by assessing risks and providing adaptive solutions. Amongst our services to promote urban resilience are flood inventories and taking the impact of climate change into account in landscape design, water supply management and the management of storm water.   

Contact us! We're happy to tell more about how low-carbon solutions and other services supporting climate change curbing help in creating a more responsible future!

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