Did know that Finland has one of the highest levels of electricity consumption and total energy used per capita in the European Union? The importance of sustainable renewable energy solutions is more important than ever, and it is essential that energy production is diversified and cost-effective. Effective energy transmission connections are vital for our society.

Future energy systems require innovation

Energy solutions have a significant impact on tackling climate change and the development of prosperity. Solutions must be low-emission and energy-efficient—and, where possible, smart. 

Zero-emission forms of energy production, in particular wind power, are growing in importance, and hundreds of wind turbines are being planned throughout Finland.

Our energy services include wind project development, engineering and construction. We also specialise in engineering transmission and distribution lines, fuel distribution stations, energy systems, energy efficiency and the use of different forms of renewable energy.  

A pioneer in sustainable energy solutions

We have been providing planning and consulting services for renewable energy projects for over ten years, and we are one of the top operators in wind power consulting and engineering. Our strong local knowledge and comprehensive experience throughout the lifecycle of projects enables the best possible planning for all wind power projects.  

We have created master plans and environmental impact assessments for dozens of wind power projects. We are also pioneers in combined procedures of environmental impact assessments and land use planning. We draw on our extensive experience and expertise to carry out technical planning from designing the layout and infrastructure planning to planning of the supply connections and the necessary negotiations.  

Our service offerings cover every aspect of wind power projects:  

  • Preliminary planning
  • Technical engineering
  • Land lease agreements
  • Environmental impact assessments (nature surveys, nature impact assessment, birdlife impact assessments)
  • Environmental impact assessment procedures
  • Wind power planning
  • Construction planning
  • Permits
  • Development

Our goal is to find efficient, reliable, low-emission and cost-effective energy solutions for every need. 

Contact us, we’ll be happy to tell you more about how our energy solutions and our extensive expertise in renewable energy help create a responsible future!

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