The electrification of society plays a key role in slowing down climate change. Electricity transmission connections are essential to increase the efficiency of increasingly electrifying societies. The increase in the production of renewable, decentralised electricity rapidly generates new transmission network development needs. 

Security of supply is becoming more and more important in electrifying societies

Electricity transmission plays a key role in achieving a clean, reliable and cost-effective energy system. In addition to the maintenance of existing transmission links and capacity use, new electricity transmission connections to the increasing needs of renewable electricity production will also be constructed in the near future on a significant scale.

We offer electricity transfer planning from the earliest stages to implementation. Our services cover preliminary and general planning, and the permit process with all its phases. 

Our strong environmental expertise combined with technical know-how ensures cost-effective route planning.

Dynamic design for planned acceptability and cost-effectiveness

The dynamic designs of environmental impact experts and technical designers promote the feasibility and acceptability of projects and the cost-effectiveness of planning. 

We have been responsible for the environmental impact assessments (EIA) and procedures in several power management projects, with award-winning EIA procedures. The “Hyvä YVA” award for 2019 was awarded to Caruna Oy for the EIA of the Seinäjoki-Jurva 110 kV power transmission project, for which we acted as the responsible consultant.  

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