Environmental considerations affect all design solutions. Respect for nature and the environmental impact as well as risk assessments have a role in finding sustainable ways to adapt operations to the environment. We design environmentally sustainable and cost-effective solutions for each community’s specific needs. We help make operations environmentally sustainable. 

Sustainable solutions require knowledge of the environment and of environmental impacts

Solutions to be implemented must always be adapted to both the natural and the industrial environment. Good decision-making requires information on lifecycle environmental impacts and the cost of investing and operating various solutions.

Carefully prepared and well-executed environmental responsibility and impact assessments help project planning and increase the likelihood of the project’s economic success. Such assessments are also necessary for further project planning and licensing applications. Our experts assess the environmental impacts from the human perspective, and take natural conditions, land use, landscape and resource exploitation, and other aspects into consideration. We support the management and minimisation of environmental impacts broadly across different sectors.

When planning work is also guided by the principles of the circular economy, solutions become more sustainable and resource-efficient.

Wide-ranging, socially effective environmental planning

We are one of Finland's leading operators in the area of environmental consultancy and consultancy related to renewable energy and circular economy solutions. Our wide-ranging expertise enables us to prepare comprehensive impact assessments that support planning. 

We offer sustainable, environmentally-tailored solutions – drawing on our decades of experience.

Our environmental expertise covers ground water and surface water surveys, noise and vibration monitoring and modelling, sustainable risk management and rehabilitation planning for contaminated land, environmental and nature surveys, as well as environmental impact assessments and environmental permits. We take care of environmental issues related to waste management and also extensively support extractive sector operators in environmental matters.

Among our past projects are a rehabilitation project for the renovation of a Finnish gas plant in Suvilahti, in Helsinki, a feasibility study for a bioeconomy and circular economy terminal in Lahti, the design of a ground recycling park in Saramäki, in Turku, as well as an environmental impact assessment and wind power general plan for the Pahkakoski and Palokangas wind farms in Ii. 

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