The aim of environmental impact assessments is to ensure that the environmental impacts of projects are adequately assessed, and that projects are planned in an environmentally sustainable way. The EIA is performed individually for each project to serve as a basis for further planning and permit applications for the project.  

EIAs for environmentally sustainable planning of projects 

The environmental impact assessment procedure aims to reduce or completely prevent the potentially adverse environmental impacts of a project. If necessary, an EIA is planned to serve parallel projects simultaneously, such as planning processes or technical planning.

The aim of each EIA is to find the best way to implement a project in cooperation with all the stakeholders. 

Project management, dialogue and scheduling play a major role in EIA procedures. The assessment will always involve an expert team whose experience and skills guarantee a well-planned and efficient process within the set schedule. The impact assessment for each area is carried out by an expert experienced in the area. 

High-quality permit applications 

Determining the compliance of operations with legislation in the initial planning phase is an essential step for projects. An environmental permit is required if the planned operations pose a risk of environmental pollution. High-quality application materials and close cooperation with the authorities ensure a smooth licensing process, and the appropriate permit decisions and conditions for operation. 

Our experts assess the environmental impacts from the human perspective, and take natural conditions, land use, landscape and resource exploitation, and other aspects into consideration. 

Our references cover a wide range of project types, such as wind power projects, power lines, industrial and energy production facilities, mining and soil projects, waste management, transportation routes, and many other individual project types.  

Our services include: 

  • Environmental impact assessments 
  • Environmental and nature surveys, visualisations 
  • Reconciliation of EIA and planning processes 
  • Social impact assessments and stakeholder dialogue, regional economic impacts 
  • Expert surveys related to environmental legislation 
  • Surveys of the environmental protection status of companies 
  • Extensive range of impact modelling and measuring methods 
  • Environmental permit applications, notification and registration procedures 
  • Reports related to BAT decisions
  • Basic state surveys 
  • Permit applications compliant with the Water Act 
  • Plans related to emissions and impacts 

The quality of our services is proven. Environmental impact assessments we have prepared have won the annual EIA award of the Finnish Association for Impact Assessment.

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