Environmental responsibilities (EDD) and building condition assessments (TDD)

In recent years, the annual sales volume of premises and investment real estate has been around EUR 8 billion to EUR 10 billion. The trading and valuation of real estate must also include any environment-related responsibilities, and the condition and maintenance needs of buildings, including cost estimates. 

Towards sustainable property development 

Environmental audits and property assessments should be seen not only as essential tools in real estate transactions, but also as excellent tools for designing and monitoring the property development cycle.  Future property asset management and property development observe the principles of sustainable development and anticipate future trends and a changing world. 

The risks posed by climate change, such as floods, the adequacy of the dimensioning of storm water systems and the moisture damage caused by increasing precipitation in structures, are increasingly considered factors relevant to property valuation.   

In addition to premises and public buildings, we have identified environmental responsibilities and conducted condition assessments for a wide range of industrial sectors and properties. Examples of these are due diligence surveys of wind farms. 

Material recycling as part of environmental responsibility reports 

In the context of repair and maintenance needs for buildings, the environmental responsibilities arising from any demolition measures must also be considered. Technical assessments and environmental studies should not be lockered as independent tasks – they are intertwined in many places.  

At least 70 per cent of construction and demolition waste must be used as materials. 

In the context of environmental audits, the potential for material usage and the costs of recycling obligations and final disposal of waste can also be explored. 

Rehabilitating polluted soil and groundwater through in situ remediation 

Environmental liability for pollution is common in commercial and industrial properties. In renovations, we always estimate the technical and financial feasibility of applying in situ methods. In many cases, current methods result in cost-effective solutions that can be considered in determining the value of a property.   

We provide the following services: 

  • History surveys  
  • Dataroom and second opinion work 
  • Site audits (ASTM-compliant EDD and TDD audits) 
  • Groundwater and surface water studies and reports 
  • Soil, pore gas and sediment studies and reports 
  • Soil and groundwater remediation planning and monitoring 
  • Risk assessments and risk management 
  • Conditions studies of buildings and indoor air reports 
  • Cost assessment of maintenance 
  • Harmful substance reports for buildings and moisture measurements 
  • Energy audits and reports 
  • Comparison of operations with environmental and building permit requirements 

As a multidisciplinary planning and consulting business, we draw on our expertise in different sectors, and implement demanding assignments in real estate and environmental projects. 

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Environmental responsibilities (EDD) and building condition assessments (TDD) - Get in contact with our experts and ask more

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