Approximately 100 groundwater areas in Finland that are used for or are suitable for water supply are in poor condition, and more than 300 are classified as being at risk. The average Finnish water footprint is almost 4,000 litres per day, of which slightly half comes from abroad, largely from water-critical areas. Climate change will have a significant impact on surface and groundwater conditions by considerably impeding the management of water resources. 

Clean groundwater must not be taken for granted 

The total groundwater land area which is important for the supply of water and suitable for water supply is only a mere three per cent of the Finnish land area. Protecting these areas against pollution requires a holistic view of groundwater conditions, and risks to groundwater and their management. 

On a global level, clean groundwater is a scarce natural resource, and its sustainable use in Finland contributes to ensuring the reliability of our water supply long into the future. 

Our services related to groundwater surveys are based on extensive expertise related to groundwater. We prepare risk-based groundwater protection plans for both groundwater areas and industrial properties. We help our customers to assess and manage water risks, thereby fulfilling their sustainability promises.   

The increasing importance of factors affecting surface water 

The debilitating effect of new investment projects on water quality in waterways may prevent environmental permits from being granted. Our water experts investigate the current state of waterways, the impact of new emissions on the quality of water, and the potential for mitigation. We also assess the risks to humans and living organisms, and prepare rehabilitation plans for waterways and drainage areas. We do not merely report the results of these studies – we always draw conclusions, and if necessary, make recommendations for follow-up measures. 

The European Union Water Framework Directive already has an impact on the granting of permits in Finland. The aim is to achieve good surface water status throughout the EU by 2027 at the latest.  

We provide the following services: 

  • Groundwater and surface water studies and reports 
  • Current surface water condition and load studies 
  • Monitoring plans and monitoring for groundwater and surface water 
  • Studies and remediation of contaminated groundwater areas
  • Planning of protective structures for groundwater 
  • Remediation plans for waterways and catchment areas 
  • Storm water plans 
  • Increasing the water level and planning related to water construction 
  • Sediment surveys 
  • Risk analysis related to harmful substances 
  • Assessment of random emissions risks 
  • Sustainable development and the water footprint 
  • Permit applications  
  • Environmental impact assessment procedures 

We are one of Finland’s best-known consulting agencies for groundwater and surface water surveys. Amongst the assignments in Finland, we have prepared plans for the protection of groundwater in Taipalsaari, the Forssa region, Hyvinkää, Tohmajärvi and Espoo, as well as groundwater research on water supply, well location surveys and test pumping for a water plant in Inkoo.  We also actively participate in international water and sanitation projects. 

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