The effects of projects and plans on nature and the environment have a greater significance than ever before. The widely varied use of nature and the preservation of biodiversity, as well as ecosystem services, are more important than ever nowadays, as the challenges posed by climate change, the endangerment of species and habitats, extinction and the spread of alien species are acknowledged problems. 

Nature and environmental studies as a planning tool 

Properly targeted and timed surveys play a key role in assessing and enabling the viability of projects and plans. Our natural environment surveys and impact assessments support our customers’ projects and plans, and function as active design tools. 

Our extensive experience of working with different kinds of project and different planning levels in land use guarantees that we will not only determine the present condition of the environment but also, on the basis of the information gained in the studies, produce concrete recommendations for action and detailed solutions for the customer.  

By developing high-quality nature and environmental surveys, we take care not only of the customer perspective but the need to preserve and promote biodiversity and safeguard the quality of the living environment. 

Nature reports in accordance with the annual cycle 

Nature surveys are drawn up all year round, from owl surveys in March to the follow-up of autumn bird migration in October and November. Nature surveys include swamp frog, flying squirrel, nesting bird, vegetation and habitat type, and bat surveys.  

The professionals who carry out our nature reports are highly experienced and proactively plan terrain work at the right time of year. We also handle assignments requiring other specialised expertise. We operate throughout Finland, and in other Nordic countries if necessary.  

High-quality specialised nature studies  

The criteria for nature surveys and legislation, the species groups and methods to be examined, and regulatory practices are constantly changing. In this state of ongoing change, our nature experts work in close cooperation with project operators and land use designers. We ensure that the nature and environmental surveys and impact assessments undertaken for our customers meet the required criteria, and both serve the customer’s needs and safeguard natural diversity. 

Our services include:  

  • Nature type and vegetation studies: 
    • Valuable area inventories based on legislation (The Nature Conservation Act, the Water Act, the Forest Act) and the threat to natural habitats and species and species endangerment classifications 
    • Mapping of the sites in accordance with the METSO programme  
    • Traditional biotope mapping 
    • Targeted and accurate vegetation surveys, e.g. in source environments, sunny habitats, old forest sites, etc. 
    • Water vegetation mapping, line monitoring methods for water vegetation 
    • Population monitoring for endangered species 
    • Surveys of invasive and harmful alien species, and plans for eradication measures 
  • Studies specific to species and species groups:  
    • Flying squirrel, swamp frog, bat, dragon fly and other species covered by appendix IV(a) of the EU nature directive 
    • Multifaceted birdlife reports and special species monitoring (e.g. eagle satellite monitoring) 
  • Assessment of impacts on nature 
    • Assessment measures in line with EIA legislation 
    • Impact assessments for plan projects in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act 
    • Natura assessments 
    • Assessment of the impacts of plans and programmes 
  • Assessments of the impacts on vegetation and birdlife during projects 
  • Usage and care plans 
  • Planning for diverse use of nature, plans relating to nature travel 
  • Planning of ecological green networks 
  • Derogation permits compliant with the Nature Conservation Act 

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