The basic principle of the Land Extraction Act, which regulates the use of soil and rock, is to ensure the use of materials to support sustainable development. In other words, the aim is to safeguard the availability of land and rock material for society’s building needs, taking into account environmental considerations and safeguarding biodiversity. 

Use of soil and rock material is subject to permit 

Almost all construction requires soil and rock materials. For example, the need may relate to the construction of infrastructure, especially foundations or construction in accordance with plans, such as plot levelling. Wherever possible, efforts are made to make use of soil and rock material in filling on the site and landscaping. 

Under the Land Extraction Act, a permit is needed for the taking of soil for purposes other than domestic use. In addition, an environmental permit is required for rock excavation and crushing. The granting of permits is conditional on compliance with environmental protection legislation.  

Assistance with planning and surveys for all ground and environmental permit processes 

We assist our customers throughout the process, from the first survey and preparation of the application until the permit is granted. The customer may need to apply for a new permit and update the plan in an area for which a permit has become outdated or is expiring, or there may be a need for a completely new permit to extend operations to a new land extraction area.  

For example, our services include land extraction plans and applications for permits, including briefs, maps and plan drawings. We also prepare applications for land and environmental permits, with the necessary documentation and plans, and comprehensively carry out surveys required by the permit process. 

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • General plan for extraction of land 
  • Land and rock extraction plan 
  • Excavation plans 
  • Preparation of ground material permit applications 
  • Preparation of environmental permit applications 
  • Waste management plans for extractive waste 
  • After-use plans for land and rock material areas 
  • Ground dumping plans 
  • Preparation of inspection programmes, conduct of inspections and reporting 
  • Cooperation with authorities (negotiations, contact, replies) 

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