Waste management and related services affect everyday life and business everywhere. In the circular economy, legislation increasingly guides the focus of waste management. In modern waste management, negative environmental and health effects are effectively avoided, and materials are circulated. A functioning waste service infrastructure is vital for safe living and the circular economy! 

The order of priorities in waste management 

Waste management activities and choices are guided by an order of priority. Waste generation is avoided as a rule, but if it is impossible, the resulting waste is reused and recycled whenever technically or economically feasible.  

The effort to reuse and recycle materials is a key element of the waste management principle. 

The owner of the waste, such as the owner of a property or company, is primarily responsible for the organisation of waste management. Municipalities are responsible for organising waste management of household waste and waste from municipal management and service activities, as well as for the treatment and reception of hazardous waste generated in households. 

Waste management planning with decades of experience 

We have more than 50 years’ experience in the strategic planning of waste management systems for the careful planning of waste treatment facilities. We are constantly developing our services in line with the changes taking place in waste management and as a response to our customers’ special needs. The order of priority of waste management and the principles of the circular economy are the starting point for planning, and are an integral part of our design work.  

Our waste management and recycling services include: 

  • Waste management strategies, development plans and evaluation of functionality 
  • Studies of the processing, collection and transportation of waste  
    • Treatment of organic waste, sludge and mixed waste 
    • Treatment of hazardous waste 
  • Environmental, lifecycle and safety assessments on waste treatment 
    • Environmental impact assessments, environmental permits and BAT reports 
    • Groundwater studies, monitoring and modelling 
    • Pollution studies and surveys, assessment of cleaning needs, and rehabilitation planning and monitoring 
    • Risk management services, preparedness plans and baseline reports
  • Planning, monitoring, construction management, and permits related to landfill sites and waste disposal sites  
    • Planning for construction, restoration and closing down of landfills 
    • Planning of special structures in landfills 
    • Planning for collection and treatment of landfill waters and gasses 
    • Quality control of construction work 
    • Mass economy models and mass balance 
    • Demolition plans and waste management plans 
  • Properties of waste, compliance with waste treatment requirements and treatment alternatives 
  • Material recycling, use of waste and productisation 
    • Productisation and end of waste studies 
    • Earthwork notifications 

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