A fully-functioning infrastructure forms the backbone of society and significantly affects people’s everyday lives. The adequate capacity and condition of infrastructure, thoroughfares and networks are essential to ensure sustainable development and a well-functioning society. Due to its critical role and the amount of committed capital, the systematic management of infrastructure is important. 

Initial data is required for the management of infrastructure capital and for planning

The management of infrastructure assets requires knowing what and where to own property and the condition and capacity of the property in relation to the need for it. Based on this data, it is possible to manage infrastructure assets sustainably. The maintenance, renovation and development of infrastructure assets and related planning require cross-sectoral expertise.

Through data modelling to digital twins

Data modelling can enhance the lifecycle management and productivity of the infrastructure. Data models can be used for effective visualisation and engagement in planning solutions. Machine control models produced from data models enhance the construction process. 

Data models will enable the automation of cost estimates in the foreseeable future, as well as the calculation of lifecycle costs and lifecycle impact assessments. Data models will continue to be a key tool in asset management. The exploitation of data model infrastructure and digital twinning during the lifecycle require that the data model is updated at different stages of the project (initial data model, planning model, implementation model, fulfilment model, maintenance model).

A precise maintenance model is a digital twin of the physical infrastructure and is a key component of the asset management process.

Experts in sustainable living environments 

We have diverse and comprehensive experience in various infrastructure projects. We offer functional and robust data-driven solutions for future infrastructure needs.

Our fields of planning expertise include

  • Traffic
  • Geotechnical design 
  • Streets and roads
  • Waterways
  • Water maintenance and drainage water
  • Gas, district heating and district cooling
  • Waste management 
  • Landscape and green areas 
  • Sports and exercise areas 
  • Harbour and engineering structures 

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