Industrial area and infrastructure planning requires cross-sectoral expertise, covering smooth and area transport arrangements, area planning, water balance management and environmental pleasantness. We offer sustainable design solutions that consider the future needs of companies. 

Legislation and permit procedures create requirements for area and infrastructure planning 

The goals of industrial area and infrastructure planning are partly directly operational, but legislation and permit procedures also impose constraints on possible solutions.  

Our experience in dense field structures and the management of various water fractions and their required treatment ensure comprehensive plans that meet the official requirements. We also manage the design of reception and fuel distribution points for chemicals and safety structures for storage areas.     

We determine the base conditions and elevation for projects related to construction viability and balancing. We also draw up area balancing and foundation building plans, which are essential for area drainage, water supply maintenance arrangements, traffic functionality, mass balance and cost management.   

We design smooth and safe transport arrangements for the area, comprising gate and fencing arrangements, traffic flow and guidance systems, traffic routes, field areas, waiting and parking areas, as well as ports and waterways.    

Controlling water balances with quality planning   

Appropriate management of clean and dirty water fractions is important in terms of cost and environmental permit obligations. We design field structures, storm water management arrangements, plumbing and sewage networks, area pipelines related to production processes, district heating, district cooling and gas networks. We also design the necessary raw water intake arrangements, pumping stations, pressure-boosting drives, water reservoirs and tanks, water cycles, raw water treatment, water treatment and wastewater treatment systems and separator systems.  

A pleasant environment gives companies a boost 

We design green and park areas and planting according to the requirement level set by the customer. The starting point for landscape and green area planning is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for different forms of transport and groups.    

Our industrial area and infrastructural planning services include:  

  • GEO and balancing planning 
  • Traffic planning 
  • Landscape and green area planning 
  • Drying planning and management of storm water 
  • Design of traffic routes and waterways 
  • Design of field structures and containment areas 
  • Harbour, water and engineering structure planning 
  • Design of water supply management networks 
  • Design of energy and process networks 
  • Raw water intake arrangements 
  • Raw water, water and wastewater treatment 
  • Pump and pressure booster stations 
  • Water reservoirs and tanks 
  • Separator systems 

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