Construction is increasingly being carried out in large unbuilt urban areas, which have not been used in the past due to difficult ground conditions. Construction is designed for soft ground and coastal areas, where foundation construction is demanding. Tunnels and bridges are also increasingly used. The geotechnical planning of such sites requires an innovative grip and bold vision, as well as reliability. 

Geotechnical engineering ensures durable earthworks and foundations 

Foundation construction and its methods are continuously evolving. In addition, changing climatic and other environmental conditions present challenges that need to be taken into account as part of the planning process.  

We monitor developments in the sector, continuously learn more and acquire new technologies. Our experts are involved in developing new geotechnical design and implementation solutions. The starting point of our design work is that the lifecycle of the structures to be implemented meets the customer’s needs.  

Our main design focus areas: 

  • The planning process 
  • Infrastructure construction 
  • Wind power construction 
  • Waterway and harbour construction 

Our geotechnical planning services include: 

  • Foundation surveys 
  • Construction viability surveys 
  • Planning of foundation work 
  • Contract documents 
  • Worksite services and monitoring 

Our work begins with the construction surveys of the planning phase, monitoring of implementation and if necessary, lifecycle monitoring of the structure. 

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