Harbours are the heart of commerce, travel and enterprise. Although water is one of the essential elements of life, it also has a severe effect on structures. Harbour and water structures must be designed to withstand environmental stress. A successful general plan is essential for the functionality of a harbour, pier or shore structure.  Monitoring the condition and safety of fairways is therefore important for both industry and travel.  

Planning harbours that last 

The general and structural design of harbours, piers and shore structures requires a diverse range of information on their operation and protection against environmental loads, as well as various technical solutions and costs. We have impressive expertise, and our experts are the most experienced in the country.

A versatile fairway expert 

In addition to the design work and expert surveys regarding water routes, shore structures and similar water structures, our activities also cover surveys of water routes from navigation routes serving merchant shipping to shallow navigation routes intended for pleasure boating, both in maritime areas and inland fairways.  

Luotainalus Pooki Helsingin Länsisatamassa
FCG's survey vessel Pooki surveying the Helsinki harbour

Modification of fairways requires careful planning 

If a fairway is to be deepened, the planning must be done carefully before dredging begins. The structures of the fairway bed, the contents of the sediment and the potential environmental impacts of dredging must be clarified before applying for a dredging permit. 

We carry out large-scale studies on fairways by taking soundings and dragging if necessary. We also handle sediment sampling to ensure the depth of rod raking after dredging.  

A trusted partner of the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency 

We offer water zone surveys, measurements and scanning throughout Finland. We carry out studies and measurements for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and for municipalities. In general, the research areas are commercial shipping routes and shallow fairways.

The people working on our vessels have professional maritime qualifications. In addition, the persons hold bar sweeping qualifications issued by the Finnish Transport Agency. This allows us to independently perform acceptance dragging, for example, without a supervisor from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

We offer a wide range of design expertise in port and water structures: 

  • Design and expert assignments regarding harbours, piers and similar water structures, as well as water routes 
  • Merchant shipping harbours 
  • Assessments of present state and state of repair of piers and repair plans for them 
  • Berths 
  • Surveys related to harbours and harbour structures 
  • NAVI and dredging plans for merchant shipping routes, navigation route emission documents / navigation route presentations 
  • Route and dredging plans for boating routes and navigation route presentations 
  • Canals and locks 
  • Weirs, dam structures and dam safety, annual and periodic inspections 
  • Harbours for public authorities 
  • Fishing harbours 
  • Road piers 
  • Maintenance, lifting and fuelling piers 
  • Commuter traffic piers and loading ramps, piers for passenger ships 
  • Marinas and marina piers 
  • Breakwaters 
  • Pontoons made of reinforced concrete 
  • Shoreline areas and shore barriers 
  • Dumping areas 
  • Application plans compliant with the Water Act 
  • Flood protection plans and flood surveys 
  • Site service and supervision during the implementation of construction projects 

We offer the following fairway services: 

  • Water area surveys and measurements 
  • Sea surveying and depth mapping, which include 
    • Bar sweeping 
    • Multibeam echo sounding
    • Single beam sounding
  • Bottom-penetrating and bottom-imaging sounding methods, such as 
  • Low-frequency sounding 
  • Reflection-seismic sounding 
  • Sidescan sounding 
  • Safety equipment measurements 
  • Harbour structures 
  • Sediment sampling 
  • Diving surveys 
  • Special sounding, such as finding an underwater route for electrical and data cables and pipes 
  • Mapping (RTK, tachymeter) 
  • Terrain markings 
  • Structural damage surveys 

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